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Serenissima Polska

The Group works following a global service approach and, with this focus, it has developed through  the years integrated services capable of meeting the specific needs of its clients.


With these expressions we wish to highlight the sense of our everyday work; the passion for our work, the importance of creating and innovating to always guarantee service excellence and product reliability. Our idea of catering is based on a clear vision: fostering a proper food culture that meets the needs of all our customers. We believe in environmentally sustainable and responsible catering that adapts to user requests. For a better future it is necessary to guarantee everyone healthy nutrition and information on all aspects related to food and daily lifestyles.


meals annually


Affiliated companies




generates a turnover around €300 million annually


Challenges are the starting point of our growth

Serenissima Ristorazione S.p.A. has expertise and know-how that translate into constant process and product innovations, the development of special projects, and an increasing awareness of our customers’ demands. This has always allowed us to successfully stand out in an ultra-competitive and drastically changing sector like that of Italy's collective catering industry.

The speed challenge:

the speed with which new business opportunities presented by the market are seized.

The customer relations challenge:

the ability to fully grasp the customer's requirements will be the key to success.

The flexibility challenge:

the ability to shift the focus from the inner confines of the organization to the network of relationships with the outside world.

The knowledge challenge:

the ability to create an organization/system of people with the capacity to exchange and utilize knowledge and skills, in order to ensure rapid sharing.


The attention to safety and quality is important for Serenissima Polska which has received ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Sustainable responsibility: our engagement to protect the environment


Serenissima Ristorazione is focused on protecting the environment through low-impact actions, using a short supply chain and local producers, earning EcoLabel certifications, using environmentally-friendly fuel, and reducing waste


Social sustainability is tied to direct actions (food education and training), offering typical local products and promoting informed consumer choices.


Economic sustainability is manifested both directly, supporting regional employment by maintaining and promoting local personnel, as well as indirectly, supporting the local economy by using local suppliers.



Internationalisation has always been one of the company’s hallmarks: in fact, the Group has expanded over the years to operate Europe-wide, especially in Spain and Poland. From the very start, back in the 1980s, the Group has taken a global service approach; indeed, this is the company’s modus operandi, with a focus on providing integrated services capable of meeting the specific needs of its clients. Forward thinking, flexible and market focused: these are the traits that have contributed to its positive growth through the years.

Active in all leading food service segments (commercial, healthcare-public welfare, education, corporate, and so on), the Serenissima Catering Group has its headquarters in Vicenza, which serves as a hub for its subsidiaries across the country and Europe.

The company philosophy is based on three important values: Innovation, Growth, and Hard Work. Serenissima Ristorazione demonstrates these important ingredients in its daily operations: love of hard work, creativity and innovation, and the continual improvement of service excellence and product reliability.

The Group’s idea of catering is based on a clear vision: to promote the right approach to food that satisfies every need.


Holding company and General Management seat, Serenissima is specialized in the production of meals for hospitals, schools and companies canteens. Moreover, it manages bars and other public places.


Rossi distributes fresh, semi fresh, frozen and dry food for the Horeca channel, and operates as the logistics platform for the entire group.


Imes provides food to restaurants and culinary companies, as well as to the catering service business.


Vegracamin is specialized in the production of meals for schools and companies canteens.


FFF distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to both the companies of the group and to third parties.


Ristovending is our vending company.


Our Spanish branch produces meals for hospitals and schools.


La Unica produces meals for hospitals, schools and public companies.


Company specializing in the supply of fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, both in favor of Group companies and third-party customers.

From its New York seat, Beer Table manages many craft beer carts.

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