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Our services for your company restaurant



Complete supply and management turnkey package.

Serenissima Ristorazione manages your entire catering services. Context analysis, study, design and creation of canteen, selection and supply of ingredients, training and management of kitchen staff, meal booking service, special menus and diets, kitchen and restaurant cleaning: the catering service is fully supplied and does not require the involvement of any company resources.



Finishing and distribution terminal management package.

Serenissima Ristorazione prepares meals and transports them from a cooking centre located close to the client company. Express cooking is carried out at the company restaurant (for example, the slicing of roasts, cooking of slices upon order, in loco serving of pasta).


Meal conveyance package.


Meals are prepared by the reference cooking centre, the closest one to the company, and rapidly delivered, in multi-portion (large trays, portioning takes place at company restaurant) or single-portion formats (arrival directly in heat sealed plate with ordered reference). Programming and impeccable management of daily menus, according to food preferences, ensuring satisfaction of individual and collective requirements.


Where is company image forged? Where does that special flavour, aroma, character, building blocks of unmistakable brand essence, manifest itself?

Communication? Marketing or design? Certainly!

But there's no denying the fact that when we step inside a company restaurant (no, we don't refer to them as canteens!), as guests or employees, we are strongly conditioned, an indelible image forms in our minds. Of course this is the case, because this is a moment which touches our most intimate self, the sphere of emotions, well-being and pleasure: our palate is tempted.

Each company speaks through its catering experience. Our mission is to provide them with the best tools and topics so that they can maximise this expression. By striking the right chords and speaking different languages, offering tailored solutions while also leveraging technologies and focusing on expressing the soul, that unmistakable aroma which sets a brand apart from all the rest.

Of course we use tangible things: ingredients, equipment, organisations, but we are all too aware of how we are embracing something much bigger and intangible: sensations, well-being, emotions.



Serenissima Ristorazione creates a stimulating and welcoming atmosphere within the company cafeteria: a quality lunch break is a healthy way to increase the personal well-being of each employee, improving productivity and encouraging relationship building.

Serenissima Ristorazione offers a menu based on nutritional profiles that are both delicious and healthy, with special attention to the needs of individual employees. The dishes are balanced and seasonal, and always made with fresh ingredients that respect culinary as well as cultural, ethical and religious traditions.
Serenissima Ristorazione provides flexibility: whatever cannot be accommodated in the internal kitchen can be ordered from Serenissima Ristorazione cooking centres for speedy delivery, without compromising nutritional values. Serenissima Ristorazione is able to offer companies a unique service: a special software that tracks the presence and eating habits of clients through a company badge equipped with a chip. This technology can also be used to automatically order meals, make deductions from pay checks, and compile invoices.



We choose typical, traditional and organic products coming from a short food supply chain and from social agriculture and we encourage the selection of healthy food in order to support the product identity and protect biodiversity.


We have created a menu that offers the chance to taste every day:

  • P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) products, 

  • P.G.I.  (Protected Geographical Indication) products, 

  • T.S.G. (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) products, 

  • D.O.C. (Controlled Designation of Origin) products, 

  • D.O.C.G. (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) products, locally grown and coming from a short food supply chain.

Our food proposals

We offer different food proposals taking into consideration individual tastes. 



The main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet are cereals, bread, vegetables, fruit, olive oil and fish. This diet is nutritionally balanced and is respectful towards the environment and health. In 2010 the Mediterranean diet was declared intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.


You will always find three essential ingredients: quality, taste and passion. Quality leads the selection of excellent, fresh products of certified Italian origin. We only use selected flours with high nutritional values, from traditional to spelt, kamut, 7 cereals, hemp, barley, oat flours.


For the ones who want to enjoy the authentic taste of grilled meat, fish and vegetables.


Considering the needs of people who follow a gluten free diet, we offer original and tasty dishes that erase the idea that eating gluten free food is a sacrifice. Our chefs will intensify with simplicity and creativity the mild taste of cereals like rice, quinoa, buckwheat and teff by skilfully combining them with refined products.



Our chefs will create every day vegetarian dishes prepared with selected products. Our salad will be gourmet, we will combine salad with seasonal raw vegetables, legumes and whole grains. You will also find legume and cereal soups and vegetable purees.



We offer the chance to experience a culinary journey. Our intention is to give you the possibility to know and taste ethnic cuisine by preparing every day recipes and typical dishes of foreign countries.

Cooking is the true heart of

every dish.

If prepared with passion,

a plate acquires

more flavour

The attention to personalised diets


Everyone is unique and this uniqueness has to be considered also while planning the diet.

We create menus thinking about our clients' needs and we plan specific diets also for individuals.
The personalised menus for food allergies and intolerances follow a specific process, from preparation to distribution, in order to avoid food contamination and to guarantee food safety.
Every preparation follows the processes established by the HACCP plan.

Diet for food allergies

We prepare food without using allergens or products that may contain them.

Gluten-free diet

We use specific tools suitable for the preparation of gluten free menus. We carefully  select gluten-free products.

Dairy products-free diet

We prepare food without using milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and all the products that may contain such traces.

Egg-free diet

We prepare food without using eggs and all the products that may contain such traces.

Diet for favism

We prepare food without using fava beans, legumes and products that contain sulfites and synthetic ascorbic acid.

Nickel-free diet

We use ceramic knives to cut fruit, vegetables, meat and fish; terracotta or glass pots to cook food; plastic utensils while cooking food.

"Conscious Eating" 

A varied and healthy diet is at the basis of well-being and physical and emotional stability. Through our "Conscious Eating" programme we intend to offer you useful tools to learn how a dish should be prepared in order to include the right amount of nutrients. Food categories are marked by a colour according to their main nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins and polysaccharides.

Two options to create a healthy meal:



source of


Cereals and derivatives (bread, pasta, rice, corn, oat, barley, spelt and other cereals) and tubers (potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke).


source of


Meat, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, dairy products and cheese, legumes (beans, peas, lentils, fava beans, lupins, grass peas).


source of




source of


Fruit and vegetables.


source of


Single courses like lasagna, pizza, pasta with beans, etc. in certain quantity in order to provide the right amount of nutrients that are usually found in first and second course.


Every company has different  organisational needs that require a planned but at the same time flexible management of catering. This is one of our strong points.


We project, create and manage your company restaurant- flows, equipment and menus- taking into consideration your needs and specific tastes and aiming at the integration with the company rhythms and life-style in order to reach the highest comfort and productivity. 

  • analysis of the context

  • design and creation of the company restaurant

  • food selection and supply

  • staff training and management

  • digital meal ordering

  • personalised menus and diets

  • facility management services

The catering service is fully supplied and does not require the involvement of any company resources.

VIP catering


For your Executive Offices we offer you a high quality service with a dedicated line. We offer refined and international menus with exclusive methods, such as: Mise en place and presentation of the dishes. The tablecloths, the dishes and the cutlery are always studied carefully and in a personalized way.




Grapefruit cocktail

Veal terrine with port sauce

Veils of Parma Ham



Spaghetti carbonara

Pennette with meat sauce

Trenette with saffron cream and crispy speck

Bucatini amatriciana



Veal mignon with new artichokes Medallion of tarragon beef fillet with a basket of potatoes

Mustard-scented lamb cutlets

Pork fillet with mustard and honey reduction




Sea bass terrine

with citrus sauce

Pink grapefruit wedges

with prawn tails

Prawns cocktail



Risotto with scampi and asparagus, Crepes prawns and courgette flowers, Tagliolini scorpion fish, cherry tomatoes and basil



Grilled sea bass

Sea bream fillet in a zucchini crust

Mediterranean monkfish steak

Fried scampi tails with tartar sauce

Ginger turbot fillet

Side Dishes

Steamed vegetable buffet

Buffet of raw salads

Potato croquettes

with cheese

Greek salad

French fries




fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruit of the season

Bavarian cream with white chocolate

with mint sauce

Small apple strudel

with chantilly cream Ice cream cup

Coffee Break


Whether you're looking for a classic Coffee Break, featuring the ubiquitous espresso coffee and a small selection of delicious treats from our pastry selection, or a even more tempting break, Serenissima Ristorazione offers you a solution tailored to your requirements.


Gala Dinners
Company Cocktail Parties

Food Concept Design

The restaurant communicates: architects, interior designers as well as event planners, key accounts dedicated to customers. Our organisation will truly leave you lost for words (not to worry, you'll be too busy savouring our food anyway). It also involves a tightly knit team with proven results and a passion for its own work, where experience and innovation engage in dialogue on a daily basis.

Nothing is invasive, everything is reassuring: just sit back and relish the efficiency, focus and creativity we unleash when interpreting your catering requirements.


Since our purpose is to put into effect these premises, spaces will be designed focusing on specific aspects:

  • analysis of the company needs and concept study;

  • interior design projects that create a personalised atmosphere;

  • sound absorbing panels that improve the acoustic comfort of indoor spaces;

  • application of big graphic panels that recall the company profile;

  • renovation of self-service lines that are still appropriate.

Our architects and designers
plan furnishing down
to the smallest of details, effectively integrating it
with company style
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